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Teachers, parents and counselors use Progress Books to help children in 3 great ways:

1) Help children recognize and celebrate their current strengths. Counselors, parents and teachers can help children remember that it took effort to create strengths in the first place. Once children remember that change is not always instant, they will have more confidence to try their new goals.

2) Since change is hard, help children find goals they want to improve. Parents, teachers and counselors can help and encourage, but children need to decide what they wanto to change. They probably have some ideas of what to do better, but they often need advice from adults and/or Progress Cards to go to the next level.

3) Because it's easy (and common) for most people to quit, help children stay accountable. Most people don't have goals and many who do have goals quit before achieving them. The Progress Book features a chart to record weekly ratings so children can see their incremental improvements over time. It takes time to make significant change. Parents, teachers and counselors need to recognize small improvements and support children as they improve. When children see their progress, they are encouraged to continue their efforts so they can reach their goals!

Note: The Progress Book is 100% reproducible to share with children as long as you retain the "www.ProgressCards.com" website for readers who may be interested in using Progress Cards. Also, please copy the Progress Book double-sided on paper to conserve resources.

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