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Who is Scott Ertl?

After performing comedy magic and juggling for 11 years for circus and stage audiences, Scott ran away from the circus to join a school. (See photos.)

Since 1996, he has enjoyed working as an elementary school counselor to help children develop goals and learn how to turn their stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Since 1997, he has shared his creative and cooperative counseling skills at conferences with keynote addresses and breakout sessions throughout the United States. (See references)
Scott Ertl

Scott started developing Progress Cards in 2002 as a way to record effective strategies for specific behaviors and issues. He has recorded effective tips and techniques that have directly helped hundreds of children deal with divorce, friendships, death of a loved one, bullies, etc.
One of his favorite Progress Cards is "Ways to Make and Save Money," since he enjoys seeing students come up with creative entrepreneurial ideas and develop their plans.

Recognizing that we are all "Works In Progress," Scott strives to empower children to do 4 things:

1. Believe in yourself. You can truly accomplish whatever you put your mind to. Stay focused. Write down
     what you want to improve. Rate yourself on a scale of 0-10. Where are you now
2. Seek out mentors to ask for help, encouragement, and support. Listen to them. 
3. Stay aware of what you are working to improve.
     Keep practicing.
     Recognize and celebrate your progress along the way. 
4. When you get off track and make mistakes (and you will make plenty!), learn from them.
     It's normal to forget your goals. Just get back on track.
     Mistakes are the best way to figure out what you do not want. 
     Life is not about being perfect, it's about being real. Stay true to what you really believe.