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Do you want to help a child, but you struggle to find the best ways to help?

Do you wish you knew what to say, but don't have the time to read all the parenting books?

Do you wonder how to advise your child with bullies, friends, and siblings?


Progress cards could be your answer.

Specific ways to feel better (Learn to manage and express anger, fears, jealousy, sadness...)
Effective (Learn how to get better grades, make money, get stronger, improve self-confidence...)

Proven (Learn how to get stronger, have more friends, get along better with siblings...)

Realistic suggestions (Learn to deal with divorce, bullies, testing, death of a loved one...)

Simple to follow and implement (Daily homework, morning, bedtime routines...)

Successful tips for 70 areas (Behavior, manners, shyness, focus better, study skills...)

Download instantly once purchased! (Link is active to download and print.)

All Progress Cards can be reproduced, but they can not be altered or sold in any way. The copyright and website information must be included on each Progress Card. You may include Progress Cards in your school and class newsletters. Also, you may add a link to www.ProgressCards.com on your class and school websites, but please do not post specific Progress Cards on your class or school websites. Your licensing agreement only allows you to print them for others and not to share them on the Internet.

Most Progress Cards have 2 sides. 
The front side provides specific skills to choose from for improving a specific behavior.
The reverse side has bubbles for children to check off when they practice.

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