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Progress Card Reviews

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Makayla's Progress Card testimonial
Jonte's Progress Card testimonial
Darcy's testimonial on Progress Cards
Rena's testimonial on Progress Cards

Blog Reviews
Momycosm Reviews "I recommend Progress Cards to anyone with children."

~Kim Grenon
A Mom's View of ADHD
"I think the Progress Card system can be extremely helpful..."
~Kelly Miller

"The Progress Card also had many ideas I had not
thought of and had not yet taught [my son] in relation
to handling anger."

~Penny Williams
Mommy Moment Approved
"A MUST HAVE for kids!!! All I have to say is wow, I am impressed at how simple and effective these cards can be."

~Trevor Arsenault
Spark Your Motivation reviews Progress Cards "We're positive that as long as we continue using the tips, tricks and techniques that are presented on the Progress Cards, as well as positive encouragement from us, our son's behaviors will continue to improve
and his self-confidence grow."

~Chandra Sullivan
Mom N Daughter Savings reviews Progress Cards "This system is really working! It has improved his self-esteem and his grades are showing improvement!"

~Jody Cowan
Everyday Ramblings of My Life Reviews Progress Cards "There are a multitude of different topics you can work on with your child, such as, Self Confidence, Art, Fears, Test Taking, Siblings (we'll be using this one), Morning Routine, and many more!"

~Tara Funair
Stay at Home Mom Sue reviews Progress Cards "This seems like a great system, and a way to really motivate your children."

~Susan Cook
Nicki reviews Progress Cards
"I love the parent passes because it gives us lots of creative and brilliant ideas to rewards our kids instead of just always handing them a new toy or something like that."

~Nicki Stephens
Frugal Mom of Two reviews Progress Cards
"I would recommend these cards to
anyone with school age children."

~Shannon Preble
Live 2 Save 2 Lives reviews Progress Cards
"My favorite card is the Test Taking Tips. These simple suggestions can make a huge difference."

~Emily Ploch
My Devotional Thoughts reviews Progress Cards
"Whether your child attends public school, private school, or home school, I believe that this product is something I could recommend with no hesitation."

~Ruth Hill
Food for the Body and Soul "...as a former teacher I can say it provides a large spectrum of information and tips your child should experience. It is definitely a good resource for parents to help their children..."

~Mihaela Moeller
Lil Debi As Mama reviews Progress Cards "I would recommend Progress Cards to parents, teachers and just anyone who cares for children."

~Debi Fitzsimmons
Helping Moms Online reviews Progress Cards "Instead of simply telling children to improve, Progress Cards help them learn exactly what is necessary to get better results."

~Janet Trieschman
My Springfield Mommy reviews Progress Cards
"I think these cards are really great--anything that can help a child achieve success with fewer struggles is wonderful."

~Margie Brill
Things Sent My Way reviews Progress Cards
"The idea of updating progress is great because it's tangible evidence of learning."

~Michelle Brewer
Tidbits From A Mom "As both a mom and a counselor...I was impressed with the sheer amount that are within the complete set, but I was also pleased to see so many cards that provided tips for kids."

~Kim Krasowski
A frugal Life reviews Progress Cards "Progress Cards are...a good way for kids to self-monitor their progression and a way for parents and teachers to help kids work through things like divorce, bad grades, bullies, sibling relationships and more."

~Rhiana Jones
More 4 Mom's Buck "My boys were able to see how they were doing and felt a sense of accomplishment when they reached their goal."
~Cristine Struble
Giveaways With Grace
"As a teacher, I thought they were a great tool for students, helping them stay focused and work through feelings that are sometimes difficult to manage. I even had the thought that I would laminate them so that they could be reused through the year."  
~Grace Matthews
My This N That Life review
"I think they may be the answer we've been looking for!"

~Elizabeth Knost
Our Life's Adventures
"Progress Cards are great for any child in any setting, in any grade."

~Marilyn Arriaga
Give it to me Tara! "These cards are a fantastic way to assist children in learning to deal with situations that come up and give them ways to express themselves."

Family Stichery reviews Progress Cards "I really like the Learning Attitudes card."
~April Sharpe Bever
Midget Momma reviews Progress Cards "Kids feel good about themselves when they can see the progress that they are making which is what I really like about these cards."
~Lauren Happel
Retail Therapy
"I posted the "Bedtime Routine" on the door and we go down the list and it's done! I have found it helps to use a tool that is not coming directly from Mom."

~Carol Perry
Better on a Budget "Progress cards are fantastic!  Do not be fooled by their simplicity.  The very fact that they are easy to use and a simple tool makes them that much more effective."

~Evelyn Cox
Organic Mama reviews Progress Cards "These are valuable resources for parents, child care givers, early childhood educators as well as school teachers to utilize with children needing some guidance in an easy checklist format. My suggestion is to laminate first, and then use a dry erase marker so it can be utilized over and over until your child has mastered it!"
~Jenn O.