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Progress Cards book and CD

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The Progress Cards book and CD include:
  • Click here to view the table of contents to see all 200 pages.
  • All 70 Progress Cards, formatted 4 per page for ease in making copies.
  • Reproducible Progress Book. (8 pages)
  • Story for students to become "Curious" instead of "Furious" when they make mistakes--along with a fun hands-on activity.
  • Reproducible School Rewards Survey to identify meaningful rewards.
  • Reproducible Multiplication & Division Facts.  (1-12) 
  • Over 50 Classroom Guidance Lessons
  • 7 Group Counseling Ratings for helpful pre-post data (Attendance, Grief, Behavior, Divorce, Friendship, Study Skills, and Wellness Groups)
  • 30 Counselor Passes
  • 60 Parent Passes
  • 60 Teacher Passes 
  • Videos on using the Passes, Progress Book and Progress Cards

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