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Educators use Progress Cards to help students achieve goals and overcome struggles.

Progress Cards provide practical suggestions to consider when looking for effective ideas. 

Progress Cards are excellent for:
  • Character Building & Education
  • Identifying & Practicing Goals
  • Newsletters
  • Parenting Displays
  • Classroom Guidance lessons
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Tracking Specific Behaviors
After all, it is our choices that determine our behaviors, feelings, and thoughts.

All 70 Progress Cards are guaranteed with a 100% money-back guarantee.
(Simply email us for a refund or credit. No questions asked.)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Progress Cards are formatted 4 per page (on 8 ½" x 11" paper) to make them easier to reproduce.
One suggestion is to print the Progress Cards on different colored index or cardstock.
Educators can make as many copies for students in their school with their automatic purchasing license.

Special Details: The automatic site license included for educators permits you to reproduce the Progress Cards for your school, but not to resell or distribute them outside your school population. Copyright information and the ProgressCards.com website may not be removed under any condition. Also, Progress Cards can not be posted on websites or altered in any way.

Complete Set of 70 Progress Cards to instantly download, with site license for $29.99!
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  Educator's Package:
• All 70 Progress Cards formatted 4 per page on a digitally mastered CD.
Printed set of all 70 Progress Cards on heavy cardstock paper.
• Site license to make unlimited copies within your school.
Plus 10 Bonus files: 7 Group Counseling Ratings, 10 Responses to Put-Downs, 25 Guidance Lessons
20 Teacher Passes, 30 Counselor Passes, 40 Parent Passes,
Reproducible Multiplication & Division Facts, Progress Book and 3 videos!
Educator's Package for $34.99 + $5.50 S/H Add to Cart

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Use Progress Cards to help students improve the following:

Feel Better
How Are You Feeling? (100 Feelings)
Boost Your Self-Confidence
Bored? 84 Fun Things To Do
Healing Your Sore Spots 
What To Do When You Feel Lonely
How to Control and Express Your Anger
Dealing With Death
Ways To Have More Courage
How To Be More Patient
Overcoming Fears
Overcoming Shyness
Overcoming Jealousy
Overcoming Sadness
Stress Busters
Ways to Relax
 Stop Being Selfish
How To Be More Forgiving
Build More Perseverance
At Home
Morning Routine
Homework Routine
Bedtime Routine
Get Along Better With Siblings
Healthy Meals & Snacks
Healing Your Sore Spots
Study Skills (At School & Home)
Exercise and Get Stronger
Dealing With Death
Internet Safety / Cyberbullying
Being More Loving 
Bored? 84 Fun Things To Do!
Divorce Tips For Kids
Divorce Tips for Parents
Home Safety Tips
Making Decisions
Ways to Relax
Tips For Good Manners
Ways To Sleep Better
Ways to Make and Save Money
How to Be More Responsible
How to Stop Procrastinating
With Friends
Ways To Build Trust
Friendship Skills
Team-Building Tips
Discover Similarities With Others
Ways To Stick Up For Others
Making Decisions
How To Be More Forgiving
Honesty Tips
How To Compliment Others
Sportsmanship Tips
Apology Tips
Make Decisions
Overcoming Jealousy
How To be More Patient
In School Areas
Ways To Behave Better
Ways To Deal With Bullies
How To Stop Cheating
Ways To Get Positive Attention
Study Skills (At School & Home)
Ways To Improve Your Memory
Improve Your Self-Discipline
How To Ask For Help
Responding To Put-Downs
Learning Attitudes
Healthy Meals & Snacks
Test Taking Tips
Friendship Skills
Honesty Tips
Listen and Focus Better
Ways To Stick Up For Others
Bus Safety
How To Stop Procrastinating
With Their School Subjects
Art Tips
Computer Lab Tips
Music Tips
Spelling Tips
Writing Tips
Study Skills (At School & Home)
Reading Tips
Science Tips
Spanish Tips
Social Studies Suggestions
Attendance Tips
Math Tips
Ways To Improve Our Environment
Boost Your Self-Confidence
Ways to Make and Save Money
Ways To Relax
What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up? (128 Careers)