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Progress Card Reviews

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Makayla's Progress Card testimonial
Darcy's testimonial on Progress Cards
Rena's testimonial on Progress Cards

Blog Reviews
A Review and Giveaway "These cards are amazing. The range and depth of emotion they cover means they work well for kids with mental health needs as well...I love them and really can't say enough good things about them." 
~Erin Amundsen
Momycosm Reviews "I recommend Progress Cards to anyone with children."

~Kim Grenon
A Mom's View of ADHD
"I think the Progress Card system can be extremely helpful..."
~Kelly Miller

"The Progress Card also had many ideas I had not
thought of and had not yet taught [my son] in relation
to handling anger."

~Penny Williams
Mommy Moment Approved
"A MUST HAVE for kids!!! All I have to say is wow, I am impressed at how simple and effective these cards can be."

~Trevor Arsenault
Tidbits From A Mom "As both a mom and a counselor...I was impressed with the sheer amount that are within the complete set, but I was also pleased to see so many cards that provided tips for kids."

~Kim Krasowski
A Closet Writer "In those times when we don't know what to do, consider using a Progress Card to overcome struggles and achieve goals!"
~Christina Linnell
More 4 Mom's Buck "My boys were able to see how they were doing and felt a sense of accomplishment when they reached their goal."
~Cristine Struble
Giveaways With Grace
"As a teacher, I thought they were a great tool for students, helping them stay focused and work through feelings that are sometimes difficult to manage. I even had the thought that I would laminate them so that they could be reused through the year."  
~Renee Hall
My This N That Life review
"I think they may be the answer we've been looking for!"

~Elizabeth Knost
Sprinkle of Fun
"Progress Cards are great for any child in any setting, in any grade."

~Marilyn Arriaga
From Chalkboards to Strollers "Progress Cards are an invaluable resource for helping students learn to make better choices and deal with tough situations."
Go Yay Review "Progress Cards..are a great teaching tool that allows your child to set goals and actually see them being accomplished."
~Danetta Young
Reading Is Fun! "Help kids without tears or frustration--Progress Cards give them the tools to succeed!"
~Tina Peterson
Give it to me Tara! "These cards are a fantastic way to assist children in learning to deal with situations that come up and give them ways to express themselves."

Midget Momma "Kids feel good about themselves when they can see the progress that they are making which is what I really like about these cards."
~Lauren Happel
"Progress Cards offer REAL solutions that can teach a child to find their confidence and fight their own battles and do so the RIGHT way."

~Brandy Nelson
Fairy Good Mommy "Progress Cards are perfect for any age!"

~Amanda Blake
Retail Therapy
"I posted the "Bedtime Routine" on the door and we go down the list and it's done! I have found it helps to use a tool that is not coming directly from Mom."

~Carol Perry
Better on a Budget "Progress cards are fantastic!  Do not be fooled by their simplicity.  The very fact that they are easy to use and a simple tool makes them that much more effective."

~Evelyn Cox
Long Wait For Isabella "I love Progress Cards!"

~LaVonne Long